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The Problem With Patient Reviews

It's difficult and time-consuming to keep up with patient reviews scattered across the web. And even if you can keep up with the plethora of review sites out there, the reviews you find could be written by anyone- even your competition!

The Solution- PLUSdoc

PLUSdoc puts your patient reviews where they belong- right on your website! We make it easy for you to respond to reviews, and most importantly: PLUSdoc reviews are actually verified by YOU to guarantee the authenticity of each patient review and star rating.

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"88% of all online patient reviews are positive."
-Journal of General Internal Medicine

PLUSdoc is the first and only company that puts patient reviews directly on doctors' websites. This saves you time from scouring the web, allows you to respond back to negative patient reviews to secure your reputation, and helps you share positive reviews on the internet to grow your practice. PLUSdoc sets you apart from your competition by showing the world you embrace medical practice transparency.

"89% of consumers seek online information to verify product recommendations from friends"
-Cone Inc, Market Research, Boston Massachusetts

Why should doctors be any different? Some doctors think “gag” orders will stop patients from writing reviews or filter out and use only positive reviews. A genuine doctor however knows that posting all verified reviews makes you look credible and trustworthy. Since most reviews are positive, your stars are sure to shine. Stand out from the crowd, become a PLUSdoc!

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