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It took over a year.  We studied the 90+ doctor review websites that are currently available to patients and doctors.  Now we utterly understand the nightmare patients and doctors face. Google, Bing, and Yahoo require patients to register an account prior to reviewing their doctor.  Talk about intrusive and tedious. Yelp disapprovingly strips out valuable 5-star patient reviews. Astonishingly, 93% of all doctor review websites have absolutely ZERO verification process.  Talk about destroying the doctors’ hard earned reputations and duping patients. 

First version of a patient review

 Unearthed our purpose...

PLUSdoc's sole purpose is helping patients find the right doctor.  We place an atmospheric value on the word “right” because it’s not enough to just "find" a doctor online.  Patients searching online for doctors are seeking medical attention – not a good place to eat.  Doctors found based on location and hearsay simply wasn't good enough. We deliver the truth to doctors and patients equally so that a level playing field of trust is established. The results? We unearthed the world’s first and only dual verified patient review system.  No small task but well worth the effort. 

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 Collaborated with experts...

We didn't do it alone. Over 50 doctors from 5 different specialty fields contributed expertise to resurrect PLUSdoc.  There are distinguishable differences between specialties of medicine (MD, DDS, PT, DC, OD etc.). The PLUSdoc software works perfectly for physicians, doctors and all practicing healthcare providers. The collaborative effort of all these practices is the reason PLUSdoc is the complete solution for doctors' patient reviews.

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 Deliver desirous results!

PLUSdoc takes a a patient review, and turboharges it into a highly sought after star rating. 

PLUSdoc's software generates authentic patient reviews that can be trusted by patients and doctors alike. 

We bring social responsibility and medical professionalism to the online marketplace whereby:


Finished with the world's best doctor review system

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