Don’t Just Be Online Rule Your Internet!

The common idea behind marketing your practice online is to develop a website. While there are still doctors who do not even have a website, let’s assume those reading this post will know the benefits and have their own medical website.  A doctor’s website consists of pages each with a unique URL (subdomain) and the home…

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The #1 Way to Market Healthcare Referral Sources

Healthcare marketing has taken on many forms since the internet boom.  There are dozens of medical software programs for doctors to market their practices and an even higher number of web services promising that they have the best methods to blow the doors off your waiting room.    It doesn’t matter what specialty you practice…

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What’s in a StarBadge for online patient reviews? Everything!

Exciting research was recently presented showing that the importance of online patient reviews is actually accelerating.  Online patient reviews have gone from important to critical in the eyes of healthcare providers looking for new patients.  Software Advice, a company that hosts online…

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