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5 Ways to Supercharge Online Doctor Reviews

Getting more online reviews can be tricky. We know that 75% of patients search online before selecting their doctor so why is it so hard to get online reviews?


Doctor Reviews for Money?

I came across a multi-specialty practice the other day and saw a sign at the front desk that said “Review Your Doctor on Yelp and Waive Your Copay”.  I thought this was intriguing.  I thought for sure this practice would have tons of doctor reviews so I looked them up.  To my amazement, they had a whopping 4 Yelp reviews in the past 2 years!!! 

How could that be possible?  Is it so difficult for patients to write reviews that patients won’t even consider writing a review to waive their $20 copay?

Here’s why it’s so hard to get patients to write a doctor review


Sometimes it’s just down right hard and even embarrassing asking for a review.  It feels like asking for a review is like saying “I’m not good enough to be booked full of appointments”. 

Required Email

Many online review sites require that patients submit their email address to register before being able to write a review. This is a major turn off for patients because they don’t want to get spam that is sure to overflow their inboxes.

It also takes more time to enter an email address, open your email, click on a verification link and then log in.  Wow talk about a lot of painful steps. “I like my doctor but that is too painful”

doctor reviews with required email registrationRequired Email Address for Healthgrades Patient Reviews 

Lost on the Web

Where do you tell patients to write a doctor review:  Yahoo, Google, Yelp, Vitals, Healthgrades, etc.?  There are over 90+ doctor review websites.  How can you have a high number of doctor reviews over that many locations?


Sorry but patients don’t like to feel pressured into writing a review when their doctor knows the review is coming.  Patients want to remain anonymous (most of the time) to feel free to write what they want without having to think about what their doctor might think on the next visits.

Here is an example of a patient who said “The doctor saved my life!” but STILL wanted to remain anonymous.

anonymous verified doctor review

 Verified Doctor Review from PLUSdoc with a Choice to Remain Anonymous

Here is a review that was not kept anonymous by Yelp.  She's waiting to see the doctor and is complaining about the wait time.

unverified negative doctor reviewUnverified Doctor Review with No Choice to Remain Anonymous

The team of doctors at PLUSdoc represent many different specialties.
  Together, we have solved the problem of getting verified doctor reviews in massive amounts. See this blog to learn how to learn more about authentic patient reviews.

Doctors who use the PLUSdoc application have increased their online doctor reviews between 200% to 1800% in as little as three month (read our case studies).

doctor reviews drive patient traffic

How is this possible?

5 tested and proven strategies to get you MORE ONLINE REVIEWS

  1. No Patient Email Required
    PLUSdoc is only concerned about your doctor reviews, not how many registered users we have.
     Skipping this annoying process and barrier to getting verified patient reviews saves patients’ time and gets doctors more reviews.
  2. Doctor Focused Review Questions
    Filling out a survey about my doctor or having to answer too many questions before submitting a review is not self-directed and only serves administrators calculating their results. Surveys are so 1990 and who wants to go retro?
  3. Patient Directed Comments
    Patients want to tell the world about their doctor experience and treatment from their perspective.
      Allowing a comments section gives patients a sense of ownership and adds enormous value to the actual doctor review.
  4. multiple Chances to Review
    Sometimes patients get requests to write online reviews when the treatment has had its full effect.  Other times, the patient feels great the day after treatment. PLUSdoc sends a series of different requests to catch the patient at the perfect time so they write a great doctor review.  
  5. Convenient Mobile Friendly
    Making the rating stars responsive to a touch or click inside of a mobile friendly gets the patient engaged early.
      The reviews are prepopulated with personalized names that make the review easy to complete on any mobile device with little to no trouble.

patient invitation emailPatient Invitation from PLUSdoc to Supercharge Online Doctor Reviews

Patients are also looking for other key items when reading doctor reviews.  Check out these 4 essential parts.

Doctor reviews are too important to ignore if you want to have a successful practice.
  Doctors are going to get reviewed no matter what they do so go to the place that specializes in protecting doctors’ reputations.  Go here to see what doctors’ are saying about PLUSdoc and request a screen share demonstration with doctor results from your practice specialty.

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