Doctor Reviews - Tips how to get great reviews

Doctor Marketing: create a feedback loop to get mountains of positive doctor reviews Most doctors are worried about getting negative reviews.  They fear that encouraging reviews will only bring out the worst.  Actually, research shows that 88% of all patient reviews are positive.  So why don’t more doctors embrace patient reviews?  Here are a few tips to help get you started. …

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4 Essential Parts of Doctor Reviews to Grow Your Practice

What do you do when you're looking to buy something on the Internet and you come across a customer review from 2005? Does that review of that product or service seem outdated and irrelevant? What do you think your patients think when they read the testimonial on your website that doesn't have a date? Isn't that the same as an irrelevant and outdated product review? In…

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Doctor Reviews - Why Patients Search Online

Did you ever stop and think that a patient might search online to read doctor reviews about you and your practice?  Of course you have but did you ever wonder “why”? At first glance, you might think the “why” doesn’t matter.  However, taking a second look, the “why” a patient reads online reviews will tell you some very important information about internet savvy patients and how to get more of them…

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