7 Steps to Correct Negative Doctor Reviews

They say in business that "the customer is always right". As a business owner you're supposed to help the customer in any way that you can to give them a satisfactory result. The trouble with being in private practice is our customers are patients. Patients can't always have what they want and don't always get outcomes they think they deserve. This often times leads…

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Social Media Marketing for Doctors – Why You Should Engage

It seems like everybody is telling you that you should be using Facebook and Twitter but you just really don't have an interest. You don't get why you need to tell patients about the good things that are happening at your medical practice right? People should simply know because that's the way it's always been done. But wait a minute. I don't practice the same type of medicine that I did 10 years…

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How Valuable are Doctor Reviews by Patients?

A patient review is what is written by the patient about a doctor.  A doctor review is what is read about a particular doctor or practice. A doctor can be a physician, dentist, chiropractor, physical therapist or any specifically licensed or registered healthcare provider. The value of an online doctor review is directly related to three characteristics that all doctor reviews have in common. 

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