Patient Anonymity for Online Psychologist Reviews is Critical

Online patient reviews are evolving from important to critical.   In the medical field, most healthcare providers are seeing the value as patients search online for the right doctor and healthcare providers are looking for new patients from online resources. Specialty areas of healthcare providers that have been slower to pick up online reviews as a valuable method…

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Yelp is disappearing: Here’s why and what doctors should do about it

  Almost 2 years ago we warned that doctors' reputations were at risk if they chose to use Yelp for their online patient reviews.  Yes Yelp is "free" to use but that doesn't mean there is no cost to medical marketing strategies.  These two main costs to doctors, practices and hospitals are 1) the doctor…

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The 1 Thing Doctors Should Never Do

You see things all the time online that just blow your mind.  Stories that make you do a double take because you can't believe they're real. Take for example  Wisconsin Couple, Too Drunk To Drive, Give Keys To 9-Year-Old

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