Why Psychologists' Patient Reviews are Important for Our Sanity

Where are all the psychologist doctor reviews?Did you ever notice that psychiatrist and psychologists are the least likely to receive online doctor reviews?  It might be a little embarrassing to post on your Facebook wall “Hey I’m looking for a referral to psychologists…. know anyone?”

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Buying fake online reviews has this huge company suing the culprits

We all have grown accustom to doing anything we want on the web.  It seems your hearts content is readily available from the anonymity of your own house at any hour of the day.  So what’s a person or company to do when their product isn’t doing so well?  Of course, go to the internet for a solution. One of the best ways to make or break a product is to have glowing online ratings and reviews.…

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5 Ways to Supercharge Online Doctor Reviews

  Doctor Reviews for Money? I came across a multi-specialty practice the other day and saw a sign at the front desk that said “Review Your Doctor on Yelp and Waive Your Copay”.  

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