SEO for Doctors - Google May Be Slipping

  We all know how popular Google is and how almost 3 out of 4 people use their search engine (37% Google Chrome and 34% Internet Explore).  But we also know that nothing lasts forever.  Rumors are flying as the search engine giant is losing market share. Is “everything Google” going to stay that way or will changes affect how patients find…

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Social Media Marketing For Doctors – Twitter’s Project Lightening

Social media publishing for doctors and healthcare professionals, Facebook and Twitter, has not been favored. The main reasons for this are threefold: 1) it seems trivial 2) no means to an end 3) one more thing to maintain in an already stressed medical practice environment. We get it.  However, there are a few mega-trends going on right now that…

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Doctor Reviews: Fake, Fraudulent … Positive?

   It all started with a negative Yelp review from a person the doctor knew wasn’t seen in his clinic.  He contacted Yelp and explained that he was certain this was not a patient and here is what Yelp had to say:  

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