Yelp Ordered to Reveal Reviewers Identity

How important is the accuracy of an online review?  Is it ok if a carpet company gets fake, negative reviews from a competitor?  What if there are fake negative reviews about a doctor?  What if that doctor is you? Does that matter more since we are dealing with a person’s health? Are Yelp and other review companies losing their credibility? Yelp…

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Physicians misled - more controversy over online physician reviews

The world of online physician reviews is in complete disarray. Doctors and other healthcare providers are getting hammered from all sides and today we are going to add another culprit: Practice Fusion. Practice…

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Are physician reviews disappearing on Angie’s List?

Consumer Reports, Forbes and a law firm in NYC don’t think Angie’s List Inc. is all that it’s meant to be. The online review industry has been hit hard lately.  Earlier this month the NY Attorney General’s office shut down and fined 19 SEO (search engine optimization) companies for posting fake positive reviews.Last week there was a new investigation…

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