Fake online reviews discovered on Yelp, Google and Citysearch

On September 23, 2013 the New York Attorney General’s office busted a whopping 19 search engine optimization (SEO) companies that were paid to write fake positive reviews for paying customers who wanted to promote their businesses online. They set up a shame yogurt shop and hired companies that would write fake reviews for as little as $1 per positive review.  PLUSdoc knows that fake reviews are…

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Patient-Reviews: How to out-rank Yelp on Google

See how to get your patient-reviews to rank higher than Yelp from a Google patient search Did you ever wonder or hope you could get your gold star patient-reviews to rank higher than Yelp using Google search? Yelp previously dominated the patient-reviews online but has fallen from grace as doctors become more and more frustrated with positive patient-reviews…

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See How to Bury a Negative Patient Review

Case study of how to bury a negative doctor review   There are two types of doctor reputations online: those that HAVE negative patient reviews and those that will GET negative patient reviews. Getting a negative online patient review is inevitable.  Doctors are not immune to online bashing and unrealistic patient demands. Learn what you can do about this no matter…

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