5 HOT tips to market your practice

How can a patient review lead to increased new patients?    Marketing your physical therapy practice can be challenging.  It seems everyone is doing the same thing you’re doing so how do you break out of the box?  Here are 5 tips to help you leverage a patient review from a famous athlete to get you out of the box and seeing more new patients.  Many of you…

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How are patient reviews like milk?

Patients Read Doctor Reviews Imagine you went to the grocery store and the aisle went from side to side instead of rows front to back.  Now let’s put all of your favorite foods right there in the first aisle so you can just walk from left to right and buy everything you need and put it in your basket.  Since it’s hard to get to the back with side to side aisle AND there…

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How social media marketing for doctors is critical in 2013

Grow your practice using social media networks New Year's Resolutions come and go - some work and some don't.  We are going to give you a New Year’s resolution that is guaranteed to grow your practice that won’t take a lot of time. To “get social” we don’t mean “set up an account”, we mean use Facebook and Twitter for what they were intended to do – meet and build relationships…

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