Instagram can sell your photos. Who owns your doctor reviews?

Instagram has the right to sell your personal photos – Do doctors own their online reviews? If you’ve never heard of Instagram, it is an internet photo sharing company that lets users post and add filters to transform their pictures and then share them on social media networks. All for free. It became so popular that it had…

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Negative Doctor Reviews on Yelp - Take 3 Critical Steps

Negative Patient Reviews on Yelp - How to Respond One of the fastest ways to damage a doctor’s online reputation is to have negative patient reviews.  The fact is, all doctors, sooner or later are going to get a negative review.  So what’s worse than getting one?  Leaving it online without responding to the allegation.

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Social Media Marketing for Doctors - you could be missing out

Are doctors missing out on critical information to help them build relationships and grow their practices? The biggest complaints doctors have about starting social media marketing include lack of time, lack of interest and a perceived lack of social media content. Recent research however shows why you may want to reconsider. As doctors, we are continually reading…

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