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The 1 Thing Doctors Should Never Do

Doctors are some of the world's brightest minds. So how could they be missing the biggest threat that's as close as the end of their stethoscopes?

You see things all the time online that just blow your mind.  Stories that make you do a double take because you can't believe they're real. Take for example 

Wisconsin Couple, Too Drunk To Drive, Give Keys To 9-Year-Old

How do you lose sight of what is arguably the most important thing in your lifetime: your child.  But it gets worse… their other child, an 11 month old, was in the back seat.  But healthcare providers are smart and educated right?  They couldn’t possible do anything that reckless… right?

Are Healthcare providers as smart as we think?

Some of our brightest minds go into medicine to become physicians, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians, therapists etc. If we group all these individuals together we see that they have studied for a minimum of 4 years undergraduate, average another 4-8 years of graduate work, toss in residencies, board certifications and then throw in maybe 10 years of practicing working 50-60 hour work weeks. Then for those doctors in private practice, let’s add in 60 months of personally guaranteed rent payments, add in equipment leases and the responsibility of making a living for the employees that work with us.

Highly Educated but Underpaid

To add further risk, let’s make sure doctors don’t get paid what they deserve, squeezing their operating profits leaving no wiggle room for downturns, missteps or maybe a vacation.  The point is private practices are so highly leveraged they are teetering on the brink of collapse or at best consolidation.

When you write it down like that, this may seem to be the one thing that doctors should never do. Why would a highly educated person choose to “make a living” working like a dog with financial handcuffs?  This may sound like the 1 thing doctors should never do but actually it gets crazier than this.

The crazy part is watching doctors risk everything, invest everything they have professionally and not protect themselves. We’re not talking about malpractice or liability insurance. We’re talking about protecting doctors’ online reputations.

High Risk underprotected

Do doctors know that over 93% of doctor review websites have ABSOLUTELY NO VERIFICATION SYSTEM? This means that anyone from Indiana to Indonesia can write whatever they want about a doctor they never met and have it stick on the internet for the duration of their career. 

It only takes 2 or 3 negative doctor reviews to ruin a doctor’s online reputation.  The result of negative and fake doctor reviews can be devastating and permanent. How many of the doctors reading this have tried to get online reviews removed from websites like Yelp only to receive a polite email declining their request?

We already informed our doctors about buying online fake reviews and how easy it is to secretly write fake online reviews. For $5 on Fiverr you can get someone to write anything you want about anyone. Fake online patient reviews can be bought quickly, cheaply and anonymously. 

fake online doctor reviews
A patient review that is not verified is absolute suicide in today’s online healthcare market.

So what is the 1 thing doctors should never do?  Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so incredibly hard to get for the cost of a few fake online doctor reviews that can take down your entire organization.  Protect doctors’ reputations by using a software system designed to only allow authentic patient reviews so that patients get to know the real doctor.

Only real doctor reviews  are from authentic patients and should be counted towards a doctor’s online reputation. If you’ve had enough appetite for risk and want to protect your online reputation, let PLUSdoc show you how we use 2 different verification systems to protect doctors’ online reputations and more importantly, protect doctors’ practices from being sabotaged.



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