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The #1 Way to Market Healthcare Referral Sources

Learn the best healthcare marketing tip that's so easy you'll wish you'd done it sooner.

Healthcare marketing has taken on many forms since the internet boom.  There are dozens of medical software programs for doctors to market their practices and an even higher number of web services promising that they have the best methods to blow the doors off your waiting room.    

It doesn’t matter what specialty you practice might be and it doesn’t matter if you’re in private practice setting or working at a multi-location regional hospital.  The #1 healthcare marketing method is to tell (not promise) your referral source how well you treated their patient. 

We can show you a super easy trick that is guaranteed to rock your referral sources and increase new patient referrals.

There isn't a single medical provider in practice that doesn't need or get referrals from other healthcare providers.  The entire system is built on referring a patient to the best provider so all doctors marketing their practices need to listen up.

Making a Referral Surce Look Good is the Name of the Game

For example, surgery centers get a large percentage of their cases referred directly to them from the surgeons. That means that surgery center marketing should be directed at the surgeons in the area that have a choice of location where to perform their surgeries.

Specialty doctors like endodontist who get a majority of their referrals from their dentists colleagues should be marketing directly to these dentists.  Likewise physical therapists who get their referrals form orthopedic surgeons should be marketing directly to the main referral source.

Regardless of specialty, any provider that receives a referral from another provider needs to market that type of provider in order to expand their referrals and grow their practice.

A Better Way to Market Healthcare Providers

Over the years, there have been a couple of tried and true procedures that have been used by medical providers in order to market their practices.

When another specialty provider refers a patient for you, we get out our form letter and plug in the name of the referring doctor and the name of the patient.   We thank them profusely and tell them we are going to provide excellent care.  OK this step is a nice gesture but at this point it is only really a promise that you are going to do a good job – not a lot of return for the referring doctor.

The next step is we write up a fancy report with our keen insight and valuable information about what is actually wrong with their patient.  We like to go into detail explaining out expertise and how our evaluation and treatment is really going to do the job. 

Again this is a mainstay of medical referrals and shows a courtesy to keep the referring doctor in the loop.  However since the treatment has just be administered, there is to date no actual outcome for the patient at this point. So the report back to the referring doctor shows that the patient’s condition has not been completely resolved.

Send Referral Sources 5-Star Reviews

Which brings us to the point. The ultimate and best way to tell your referral sources how well you treated their patient is by sending them a 5-star review from their patient that actually explains how well your treatment helped. There are a number of ways you can accomplish this task but here is what we do at PLUSdoc that is extremely effective and super simple.

PLUSdoc allows patients to submit online verified pateint reviews about their doctors with the choice of remaining anonymous.  Some patients don’t mind using their names and when this happens it creates a perfect opportunity for the treating doctor to use the 5-star patient review as a marketing tool to the referring doctor.

Let’s say for example orthopedic surgeon Peter Skinner, MD refers a patient, Ted Banister to a physical therapist named Vincent Giamono, DPT.  When the patient posts a doctor review about his physical therapist, it creates perfect content to send back to the referral source Peter Skinner, MD. The therapists can print it and mail it or what we recommend is using a screen grab tool like Jing and emailing the 5-star review directly to the referral source.

healthcare marketing patient reviews


Grab the 5-star review, paste it into an email and write a nice note about how much you appreciate the referrals.  At this point let the patient do the talking by singing your praises to the very doctor that referred them.

By sending the provider referral source a 5-star patient review you will gain instant recognition about your expertise and guarantee yourself additional new patients.

 If you want more information about how your practice, hospital or surgery center can get massive amounts of 5-star reviews to send to your referral sources to grow your practice and generate new patent leads send sign up at support@plusdoc.com for a free demo. 




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