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What’s in a StarBadge for online patient reviews? Everything!

PLUSdoc creates a new StarBadge to showcase a doctor's online ratings and stars. Learn how all of the features are designed to protect a doctor's online reputation and attract new patients based on doctor verified patient reviews.

Exciting research was recently presented showing that the importance of online patient reviews is actually accelerating.  Online patient reviews have gone from important to critical in the eyes of healthcare providers looking for new patients.  Software Advice, a company that hosts online reviews for medical software solutions, recently releases an article that discusses How To Use Online Reviews to evaluate physicians.

Some of the studies key findings show that a whopping 77% of patients use online reviews before selecting a doctor.

online patient reviews

Using this valuable market research, PLUSdoc decided to act and give doctors a new method for presenting their star ratings. 

PLUSdoc has created something unique and special to the healthcare industry that patients are going to love: the StarBadge. There are multiple features of this new StarBadge for healthcare providers so let’s take a closer look at what each feature means.

Specialty Doctor & Practice Rating StarBadge

PLUSdoc is the only company to offer an aggregate practice rating combining all of the doctor’s ratings into one overall practice rating. It’s been so well received we decided to make a Practice StarBadge as well.  What this means is patients can view your Practice StarBadge on your company’s website and see how well ALL of your doctors are rated in one easy to read visual of stars and numbers from 1 to 5 (5 being the best).

medical practice marketing                                                      Practice StarBadge All Doctors’ Aggregate Patient Ratings

PLUSdoc also has an individual Doctor StarBadge that combines all of the patient reviews into one easy to read star rating and number.  Each doctor in the practice gets their own StarBadge to place on their staff page on the company’s website.

medical marketing                                               Doctor StarBadge for Individual Patient Ratings 

hospital marketing

Example of Doctor StarBadge for Individual Doctor Patient Ratings

 What Does the PLUSdoc StarBadge Do for My Practice?

The StarBadge has many features that benefit doctors in all types of practice settings. First and foremost, the StarBadge gives new patients access to your doctor verified patient reviews directly from your practice’s website. Both the Practice and Doctor StarBadges are placed on a practice’s website to give patients multiple opportunities to see doctor ratings from online patient reviews. 

The Starbadges clearly explain that these online patient reviews are no ordinary reviews.  The reviews on this StarBadge are verified by the treating doctor.  That is HUGE to the consumer especially in a day where not all doctor review websites can be trusted.

 doctor verified patient reviewsDoctor Verified Patient Reviews

The StarBadge also gives new patients access to your doctor verified patient reviews and doctor portal.  This means the patient is able to “drill down” to see what these doctor reviews look like and what each patient had to say about their experience with the doctor. There is also a vast amount of other information on the doctor and practice profile pages so we will have to leave that for later.

 doctor verified patient reviews

                                                       StarBadge Gives Access to Profile Pages and Reviews

first & only dynamic StarBadge exclusively for healthcare providers

The doctor’s rating stars and patient review counter are actually dynamic (not static) and change immediately after a doctor receives an online patient review.

Notice that the star rating is accurately displaying a numerical value in visual terms instantly conveying the quality of the doctor’s verified patient reviews.

New patients can easily pick up on this detail which gives the star rating a huge boost in credibility.  It’s very difficult for doctors to have only 5-star ratings so that’s why PLUSdoc’s special code allows for very accurate statistical ratings for each and every doctor.

 doctor star rating

 Dynamic Quality of Doctor Rating and Stars 

PLUSdoc also dynamically displays the quantity of patient reviews to add support to the star rating. We all know when we read online doctor reviews that a 5 star rating with 2 verified patient reviews is not as statistically indicative of a quality doctor with a 4.9 doctor rating and 401 verified patient reviews.


The star badge with 401 docgtor verified patient reviews statistically reveals which of thiese two doctors has the highest rating. Having almost a perfect rating with that many reviews is amazing but it's true. We will show yuo how this is acheived in another post. 

doctor online ratings
                                                                       Low Quantity of Patient Reviews

physician online rating and reviews

                                                        High Quantity of Patient Reviews (actually doctor rating)

Simply put, the more online patient reviews you collect in the PLUSdoc system, the more powerful your doctor verified patient reviews become. That’s why PLUSdoc is the only company in the world that has a 2 method verified patient review collection process.

The StarBadge displays the quantity of the patient reviews dynamically and instantly so patients can tell right away if the quality of the doctor is high based on a large sampling of real patients.

StarBadges Made to Fit Any Medical Practice

We listen to our customers and they asked for different size StarBadges in order to place them perfectly onto their healthcare practice’s website. Both the Practice and Doctor StarBadge come in 2 sizes small and large to accommodate almost every web designer’s needs


Powered By PLUSdoc

PLUSdoc is the leader in verified online patient reviews for doctors and other healthcare providers. We exist to bring transparency to the online doctor/patient world so that patients can know the real doctor by displaying only those patient reviews that are written from patients of the treating doctor. 

Powered by PLUSdoc means we are working with doctors, practices and hospitals to showcase individual talents and specialties, ratings and reviews, so that patients can find the right doctor for their healthcare needs. Online reviews require a higher standard of care because it’s about a person’s health and that is what PLUSdoc focusses on a daily basis.

powered by plusdoc
                                                             PLUSdoc Means Trusted, Authentic Patient Reviews

Making a smart StarBadge isn't the easiest thing to do but we believe doctors deserve to be fairly represented online.  The StarBadge may look simple but that's the beauty.  It's simply designed buy conveys a world of meaning to a patient searching online for their doctor.

To learn more about how you can get your a StarBadge for your medical practice contact PLUSdoc
877-758-7365 | support@plusdoc.com | www.PLUSdoc.com



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