Verified Doctor Reviews: Trusted By All

PLUSdoc's doctor reviews are verified by the treating doctor so they can be trusted by patients and doctors alike.

  • Verified Doctor Reviews: online reviews guaranteed to be from real patients

  • "Dr. Only" Doctor Reviews: our review policy focusses on the doctor not the entire experience  

  • Anonymous review collection: patients can remain anonymous to protect their privacy

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Reputation Management: Minutes to Set Up; Decades of Defense

Don't let negative doctor reviews become a problem with reputation management.

  • Bury negative reviews in days:  collect reviews in one location and solve the problem 

  • Outrank negative ratings: PLUSdoc Stars rank higher to push down unfair and fake reviews.

  • Get the Last Word: Turn negative reviews into positive reviews with quick and easy repsonses.  

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Medical Marketing Microsite: Connecting patients with the right doctor

Adding a Doctor Microsite gives patients a personal look at the doctor so they can choose the right doctor

  • Expertise: patients read doctor verified reviews to get an accurate rating 

  • Passion for Practice: patients learn what drives a doctor to do their best 

  • Specialties: success stories of patient conditions and symptoms that the doctor helped

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SEO Doctor: Doctors get discovered

We help doctors create and distribute outstanding healthcare marketing content to patients searching online for their doctor.

  • Volumes of Content: our tools help doctors create new and relevant content 

  • Top Ranked Content: our technology gets you top rankings   

  • Intriguing Content: create and distribute content patients will enjoy reading

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Social Media and Healthcare - Create Unlimited Buzz About Your Practice and Share it Online

PLUSdoc’s social media publishing tools make it easy to create and share remarkable content about the doctor's specialties, expertise and patient satisfaction. 

  • All-in-one Social publishing: One-click social media publishing to Twitter, Facebook and Google +

  • Social Sharing for All: Share each patient review up to 24 times for maximum reach

  • Share Individual Patient Reviews: Share only positive reviews; not an entire page. 

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Healthcare Marketing and Hospital Marketing Pages: Highlight the practice specialties

The Practice Profile page is the main landing page for patients to choose their doctor.  Catch the patient's attention and let them click away to discover the best that you offer.

  • Showcase Doctor and Locations: Let the patient choose their specialist and location

  • Aggregate Practice Rating: Only PLUSdoc provides a rating system for the entire practice

  • Extended Branding: Customize the Practice Profile page with image galleries, reviews, and more. 

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Pre-authorize insurance benefits to improve cash flow

Doctor's offices are too busy to spend time collecting health insurance information. PLUSdoc lets the patient submit the information online allowing doctors more time to collect. 

  • Calculate patient's payment: Inform patients what they owe before treatment

  • Pre-authorize health insurance: Improve cash flow and reduced accounts receivable 

  • Save time: Securely determine health insurance benefits before treatment  

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The Doctor Portal: Mission control for the web

PLUSdoc was built by doctors, for doctors. Over 50 doctors from 5 different specialty fields put in 2 years of design and development work to build PLUSdoc into the world's "best in class" physician review website. 

  • Together we built the world's only dual doctor-verified patient review system

  • Together we created a method that keeps patient reviews on doctors' website to keep the focus on the doctor. 

  • Together we raised the bar so that patient reviews can be trusted.

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Healthcare Consulting Launchpad: Allows practice coodinators and marketing consultants to access and manage multiple doctors and practices

PLUSdoc's Launchpad is an efficient method to access and manage 100's of doctors across multiple locations all while saving time. 

  • Affiliates & Medical Consultants: Get paid for managing your medical practices using our all-in-one practice management software.

  • Hospital Administrators: Access and manage separate hospital departments to control the Hospital's online reputation and win new patients.

  • Practice Coordinators: Manage all practice doctors and add medical assistants to spread out the workload. 

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