Add Healthcare Marketing and Hospital Marketing Pages

Showcase your entire medical practice or hospital department on branded landing pages

Let patients select the best doctor from your practice and make a statement to the competition

Quick Facts

Out of 90+ websites available for patients to write reviews

  • Only 3% offer any type of practice profile page
  • Only 2% allow search doctor by practice's locations
  • PLUSdoc- the ONLY aggregate star rating system

PLUSdoc has the Only Practice Profile with Aggregate Star Ratings 

Let patients find and choose a doctor from your practice

Aggregate Patient Review Ratings 

let Patients
know your practice

It's one thing to have individual doctors rated for small practices.  But for medium and large practices, or departments in hospitals, patients become concerned with the overall practice rating.

Often times, patients need more than one specialist. This makes the overall practice rating extremely important.  Patients don't want to travel form one place to another.  They like to find one practice that can serve all of their needs. 

Find a Doctor by Location, Specialty and Ratings  

Search for doctors 

The Practice Profile page is designed so patients can search for their doctor as they choose.  The may select gender, star ratings, practice specialty or location whichever is most important to them.  

Express and Strengthen Your Brand  

How to express your practice

The banner and photos on the Practice Profile page is selected by the practice coordinator.  Once logged into the Doctor Portal, they can be updated as often as possible to celebrate Holidays or special events. 

Patients enjoy and trust practices who know they are looking online for their doctor.  Freshen your practice and show them you aren't afraid to show them who's best.

Get Patients to Choose the Right Doctor 

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