Receive Medical Billing Insurance Benefits from Online Appointment Requests

Patients submit health insurance online directly to billing department in secured portal

Pre-authorizing insurance benefits improves cash flow and saves time

Quick Facts

Doctors are loosing money every day by:

  • 1. Performing non-covered treatments
  • 2. Not collecting patient payments in office
  • 3. Getting insurance benefits on day of service

patients submit health insurance benefits online for pre-Authorization

Collect &
Get Paid the Day You Do Work

Trying to calculate patient payments during busy clinical hours is so difficult, doctors are often forced into balance billing the patient. It takes months to collect co-payments and deductibles which is devastating to a practice's cash flow. 

Using the Check Health Insurance Benefits (CHIB) tool, practices have the information needed to collect the proper out of pocket expenses before the patient leaves the office. Doctors also avoid performing uncovered procedures saving the practice thousands of dollars. No guess work and no future balance billing required with this unique PLUSdoc tool. 

Patients select and submit benefits into secure Doctor Portal for pre-authorization of covered services


Patients Submit their own health insurance directly to your billing department 

Admin staff Productivity 

Passing out new patient paperwork at the office or online, collecting insurance information via photocopies or scanning insurance cards is inefficient. Your medical staff needs extra time during busy clinical hours to obtain this information and time is money.

Having the patient spend their time submitting the health insurance information saves the administrative staff time. Not only do you receive the health benefits information early but you didn't have to pay your employees to get it. Now that's smart.


Safely Collect Insurance Benefits Online 

secure and hippa compliant

HIPPA laws prevent patients and doctors from corresponding over non-secure email. That’s why PLUSdoc made the Check Health Insurance Benefits (CHIB) feature secure and compliant. The CHIB system temporarily stores the patient's health insurance information on HIPPA compliant 128-bit encrypted servers inside of the doctor’s password secure Doctor Portal.  

The patient initiates submitting their information through the Doctor Microsite and it is only visible to the medical staff.

Accelerate Your Practice Cash Flow



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