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Extreme landing pages that extend current doctor websites to get more traffic and appointment requests

Highlighting doctor ratings for patient appointment requests 

Quick Facts

Patients demand to know their doctor before treatment:

  • 25% of patients research online for their doctor
  • 80% of consumers read reviews before buying
  • Patients are searching for dedicated specialists

Verified Doctor Reviews In One Easy To Read Location 

Doctor Skills 
Show Perfect Doctor Rating 

PLUSdoc is the best place on the web for doctors and healthcare providers to shine.  We make it easy for patients to write reviews and then aggregate and display each doctor's star rating on a beautiful and easy to navigate landing page.  

Patients request appointments with the doctor after reading their success stories and viewing images of what they do best.

Each doctor gets their own customized Doctor Microsite to attract new patients

Every Doctor Defines Their Passion For Practice

 Your Passion
resonates with patients   

Resonate with patients by telling them about how you got started in medicine and what drives your passion each and every day. The "EMT who became a pulmonologist to see patients recover not just transported". Every doctor has their personal story - what's yours?

This type of passion is what today's patients are searching for in their doctor.  Differentiate yourself from colleagues by telling patients not only what you do but why you do it.

Use our DocBlog Tool to showcase your specialty

reach and 
explain specialty to patients  

PLUSdoc's DocBlog tool makes it easy for doctor's to highlight their specialties and explain to patients what makes their treatment approach effective. Using proven content marketing strategies and best in class Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we get doctors found online by patients searching in their neighborhood for the right doctor.

Strike a Cord With Your Patients


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