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  • 75% of searchers never scroll past the first page
  • 35% of organic clicks go to top 3 ranked postions
  • 78% of searchers click on natural results - not ads

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Medical Marketing content to the web

The days of advertising in magazines and mailing postcards to the community are over.  Doctors must have current and personalized content on the web in order to be found by patients searching for their doctor.

PLUSdoc helps doctors create content that is keyword saturated with diagnoses, symptoms, specialties and conditions. When patients search online using the same keywords, PLUSdoctor content from the DocBlog and Verified Patient Reviews and delivered at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

Forward Thinking SEO Doctor Technology Designed For Healthcare Marketing


Staying current with the latest algorithms that Google uses to deliver results is nothing short of miraculous. Google's algorithm is a moving target.  To keep the playing field fair and combat those who try to cheat the system, Google makes constant changes to how their technology rates websites. 

PLUSdoc takes on the work of keeping up with these changes and ensures that all PLUSdoctors are SEO friendly out of the box.  Any content created by a PLUSdoctor is coded in the format that Google recommends, allowing your Doctor Microsite page to outrank competitors.


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