Social Media and Healthcare Gets Doctors to Engage

One-click social media publishing on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ shows patients you're relevant

Engage patients on social media networks sharing 5-star reviews 

Quick Facts

Out of 90+ websites available for patients to write reviews:

  • 48% have no social sharing at all
  • 54% let you share a page link to see all reviews
  • Only 3% let you share individual positive reviews

One-Click Social Media in Healthcare Publishing 

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Sharing so fast even doctors go viral

With a click, PLUSdoc solves the problems doctors have of how to "post quality content on social media".  Start or enhance your social online presence by sharing on the social networks that mater the most to patients.

Sharing individual online patient reviews is simple 

Endless Sharing on Google +, Facebook & Twitter

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the most used Social platforms

Showing patients you are part of their social world demonstrates your desire to stay on top of current trends and that you care about understanding them. 

The online social interaction is how people relate in today's society (even if you don't). Take off the white lab coat, go where your patients talk to their friends, and become part of the conversation. 

Publish to Facebook Page

Publish to Google + Page

Publish to Twitter 

Only PLUSdoc Lets You Share Individual Doctor Reviews

Share what you want

 Let's face it. You may not want to share ever single review you get.  PLUSdoc makes it easy for doctors to select only those reviews that are "tweet worthy" or "shareable".

Stop sharing an entire page of reviews and manage your social reputation.

Share Only 5-Star Reviews; Not The Entire Page

Mix Social Media and Healthcare & Show the World What You're About


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