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Doctor, Physician and Healthcare Providers need to stop getting negative reviews from people and things they can’t control.

Show patients the real doctor with Verified Doctor Reviews

Quick Facts

There are 90+ websites available for patient reviews:

  • 92% have NO verification system
  • 7% have one type of reviewer verification
  • Only 1 has a DUAL verification system - PLUSdoc

Start Getting Doctor Reviews from Patient Outcomes

Our policy
"dr. only" outcome reviews 

Doctors have had enough with online patient reviews about wait time, room temperature, insurance claims, overworked employees, the parking et al. It's time doctors and patients had a doctor review system which is based only on the treatment outcomes and doctor performance. 

We remove negative reviews that contain comments that are not related to the doctor's delivery of treatment. It's time to stop unhelpful negative reviews and focus on patient outcomes based on the doctor's treatment and the patient's results.  

The Only Dual Verification System for Doctor Reviews   

The badge
verified by the doctor

The "External" Badge method of collecting online patient reviews has a proprietary verification system built into the Medical Practice Portal ensuring the doctor that only reviews from real patients actual get posted.

The Badge goes on the Practice's website and allows patients to submit a doctor review anonymously but still allowing the review to be verified. 

There is no other verification system like this in the world and no other system that puts the doctor in charge of verifying reviews.

verified physician reviews

The PLUSdoc Badge Guarantees Doctors and Patients Reviews are Authentic 

Our Two Method System Collects Massive Amounts of Online Reviews

The invitation
Verified by the patient 

The Patient Invitation Emails (PIEs) method is the best method for posting ongoing verified reviews. Our software sends PIEs in a series over a period of time giving patients multiple chances to review their doctor.

The PIEs method allows PLUSdoctors to capture 37% more patient reviews which translates into a superior online reputation and gives readers more chances to know their doctor.

PLUSdoctor's sending PIEs have a 37% increase in verified patient reviews 

 Doctor Reviews Patients Trust and Doctors Love


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