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Doctor of Physical Therapy uses PLUSdoc to improve SEO and get more new patients from his website.

  • 700% increase in online reviews
  • Outranks Yelp reviews
  • Adds first page Google listing
  • 200% increase in online referrals 

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Balance Physical Therapy is a large private practice in a small town in Central California.   They are surrounded by highly competitive POPTS but have a great reputation for providing quality care.

“Being in a small town and trying to keep 8 physical therapists busy is very challenging.” says owner Dr. John Farahmand DPT, OCS

Balance PT also had to compete against the other private practices in the area for patients and overcome a major hurdle.  Other clinics in the area where contracted with major insurance carriers whereas Balance PT was not. 

Dr. Farahmand needed a way to convince patients that his clinic was the best place for rehab and make patients willing to pay a higher out of pocket expense.

How PLUSdoc Helped

The first step in the process of generating online referrals is to create valuable content. Dr. Faramand knew his patients were really happy with their care but he needed a way to get that message out to other patients.

“PLUSdoc allowed each of my therapists to capture their patients' positive experience and turn it into valuable marketing material.”

After the patient reviews we collected and linked to Balance PT’s website, they need to be found and read by patients searching online for their rehab.   PLUSdoc takes each patient review and matches it to the search criteria used by patients' search terms.   The example would be a patient is searching for “location, best physical therapy and knee dislocations”. This is what Google would return for this search.

Patients Find Balance PT Reviews Based on SEO and Keywords


PLUSdoc Results

Balance PT was searching for a way to take their online marketing to another level.  They were able to overcome similar challenges that many physical therapy private practices face.

Balance PT achieved their goals using the PLUSdoc system including: 

Increased Online Reviews by 700%

Balance PT has been in business and has had a website for 12 years.  In that time they managed to get 4 online reviews.  After using PLUSdoc, they realized a 700% increase in online reviews in only 5 months.

Additional Google Listing

Balance PT added valuable content to the web. They gave readers another link to click and learn about their practice and what makes them better than the competition. 

PLUSdoc Stars Are Listed and Found By Search Engines  


Outranked Other Review Websites

Balance PT was able to outrank Yelp in this example because of the valuable content contained in each individual PLUSdoc review. 

PLUSdoc Outranks Yelp with a First Page Google Listing  


Captured New Patients

Balance PT reports they received 200% more online new patient referrals as a result of using the PLUSdoc system. What’s interesting to note is that these referrals came via their own website and the PLUSdoc system.  

Patients Request Appointments After Reading Reviews 


What would Dr. Farahmand say to others considering PLUSdoc?

“Ever since PLUSdoc, we get more new patient evaluations from our website than ever before.”

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