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Orthopedic Surgeon uses PLUSdoc to bury false negative reviews from hospital coverage.

  • 42% increase in positive online reviews

  • Outranks Yelp, ZocDoc, Healthgrades and Vitals

  • Attracts new patients through PLUSdoc 

Real Example of a New Patient Lead:

Preferred PLUSdoctor: Dr Brian Grossman, MD:Southern California Orthopedic Institute, Van Nuys

"I am currently being treated by the VA and after several years I am still been in pain. They tell me I have a pinched sciatic nerve and also a pinched nerve in my neck. I have Blue Cross ppo coverage and Medicare,as well as my VA benefits. I would like to set up a consultation in your Van Nuys location

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Dr. Brian Grossman, MD was more than concerned.  He was angry.  As one of Southern California’s top spine surgeons covering 4 different practice locations, it was very important that he had an online reputation that matched his patients' feedback. Clinically, he knew he was getting great results and his patients frequently told him how appreciative they were for his help.  

Dr. Grossman suspected disgruntled people, possibly not even patients, were writing false and misleading reviews online but he didn’t know how to defend himself. 


“People could write whatever they want about me and I didn't even know who they were and doubt if I ever treated them”, says Dr. Grossman.


These are Google search results before implementing PLUSdoc.  All three doctor review websites (vitals, healthgrades, insiderpages) had a negative rating for Dr. Grossman. 

 Negative Online Reviews Were Damaging 

Finally, Dr. Grossman said "enough" when he received a false negative review as a hospital physician where he had not had privileges in over 10 years.  His name had been left on the hospital’s physician list and someone had posted a negative review. Attempts to get the review removed were futile.  Dr. Grossman turned to PLUSdoc for the solution. 


How PLUSdoc helped

The strategy to repair Dr. Grossman’s online reputation first involved getting more positive reviews.  Research supports that 88% of all online reviews are positive (4 or 5 stars) so he just needed a place to send patients.

“PLUSdoc provides an efficient platform to allow patients to provide reviews of their physician. It allows doctors to capture positive reviews.”

Getting the PLUSdoc badge onto his website was a snap and added value to the online review process.

“PLUSdoc is easy to utilize. It allows patients to provide feedback that helps a doctor improve patient care.”

As the patient reviews began to roll in, Dr. Grossman quickly moved up the Google listings with his PLUSdoc stars.


PLUSdoc Results

Dr. Grossman was able to successfully repair his online reputation by increasing the number of positive online reviews, rank them above other doctor review websites and land new patient leads as a result. 

42% Increase in Positive Online Reviews 

Dr. Grossman was able to increase his positive online reviews by 42% after implementing the PLUSdoc solution. Not only that but the realization that all of the reviews he received were from real patients and verified by the doctor himself was a major step to resorting his online credibility. 

“Verified reviews are more accurate.  PLUSdoc ensures that reviews are legitimate.”

1st Page Google Ranking 

After accumulating positive online content, Dr. Grossman now had to let PLUSdoc get them listed and ranked on Google and other search engines. Within a short period of time, Dr. Grossman’s patient reviews quickly climbed up the Google page rankings where they became top rated.

Now outranking ALL of the top doctor review websites

New Patient Leads for Dr. Grossman

The final step to creating great content, getting it found and read is getting the patients to make appointments. The new patient referrals from PLUSdoc are able to offset the marketing costs for the program and improve the practice's bottom line. 

Real Example of a New Patient Referral:

“I was notified by WC/Medicare that I need a regular Orthopedic Doctor. Dr Grossman was recommended to me. I have a QME evaluation. I have degenerative joint disease and have had injury to my neck/spine, etc."

Preferred PLUSdoctor: Brian Grossman, MD: Southern California Orthopedic Institute, Thousand Oaks

What would Dr. Grossman say to others considering PLUSdoc?


“PLUSdoc is a great service that can help build a physician’s online reputation and their practice.  I recommend it highly.”

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