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Doctor of Occupational Therapy gets rave reviews and uses them to get more clients

  • Verified patient reviews tell the true story about the doctor

  • Increased website trafiic by 70 visits per month

  • New patient leads from online SEO

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Why Kids Connections overhauled their online marketing with PLUSdoc

Kids Connections was in a dilemma. Their website was not getting the business that they needed but they didn’t have the resources necessary to upgrade.  They were accustomed to getting new patients on a regular basis but due to decreases in patients' health insurance benefits, the patients were not authorized to stay for as many visits.

They decided to invest in an online marketing program using PLUSdoc to boost website traffic and add relevant content to their site. The strategy of offering real life experiences from existing clients to parents searching for their kiddo’s therapist online paid off immediately by increasing website traffic by 70+ visitors per month.


How the PLUSdoc software empowers Kids Connections

Kids Connections knew that word of mouth advertising was some of the best money could buy.  Trouble is, with census down, there were less patients to spread the word.  Also, dealing with special needs kids, there just weren’t as many patients available as with other medical professions.

“We were surprised at the amazing feedback from our clients. Once they knew they could write a review on our website, the accolades started flowing in” -Cynthia Conway, OTD

The PLUSdoc software allowed Kids Connections to reach out to their clients and capture valuable patient feedback about their doctor so it could be used to help them find more new patients.

“Most kids on the spectrum have difficulty expressing their emotions”, says Dr. Conway. “It turned out that PLUSdoc was the best place for them to say how they felt about our services."


Parents Looking for OT Read Online Reviews



How Kids Connections uses PLUSdoc to Delight Customers

Kids Connections specializes in “community integration for children with special needs”. Explaining results to undertrained but highly motivated parents continued to be a challenge.  Parents want to believe the Doctor but mostly trust their instincts and recommendations from other moms.

“I knew we had a powerful marketing tool when I read our reviews. To hear patients and parents describe their experiences and improvements with their daily lives was unbelievable”. – Dr. Conway 

Patient Reviews Attract New Patients

How Kids Connections Believes Verified Patient Reviews are Changing Healthcare


Dr. Conway never put too much thought into online reviews before PLUSdoc.  She knew her company had a few online reviews but assumed they were from real patients. 

“Having patient reviews on my website and knowing they’re from real patients makes me feel confident that other people know what we do.”

Dr. Conway reported 2 new patients as a result of their website in just this past week. Putting verified patient reviews onto doctors' websites helps to attract new patients. 

What would Dr. Conway say to others considering PLUSdoc?

 “OTs needing access to verified feedback from clients and the ability to track referrals gained from read reviews will benefit greatly from using PLUSdoc.”

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