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Doctors of Physical Therapy gets 100, 5-star reviews and takes online marketing to unheard of levels

  • 100+ new marketing opportunities

  • 900% increase in online patient reviews

  • Outrank Yelp with 1st page Google listing

Real Example of a New Patient Lead:

Preferred PLUSdoctor: Craig Rice, DPT: Encinitas - Doctors of Physical Therapy

"I have a continuing issue with lower back pain. Currently dealing with Sciatic pain and am having a difficult time standing up and walking. Wondering if some physical therapy would help with this ongoing problem."


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Private practice can be brutal at times. Dr. Paul Gaspar and his business partners are in a similar position that many private practice owners face across the country.  As Dr. Gaspar noted, 

 "The marketplace is becoming even more competitive and the need for new patients has become paramount”.

Since there are a limited number of new patients available in a given area, getting them to come to his practice was something that required “thinking a little differently to create a competitive advantage”.

Marking Manager Sharron DeSchaaf, DPT said, 

"We had not had great success getting patients to write reviews on Yelp or Google for various reasons, and handwritten reviews require someone to take time to input them. Direct online reviews on our website seemed like a useful tool." 

Goals for Gaspar DPT marketing program: 


Obstacles for success:



How Gaspar DPT Implemented their Marketing Program


Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy is a multicenter organization in Northern San Diego. One of the benefits of PLUSdoc is their commitment to training and customer support. With 6 locations and over 20 physical therapists, it was important to get the team on the same page.


PLUSdoc trained the Gaspar DPT Team using:


Gaspar DPT Results


Gaspar DPT needed comprehensive software that would boost their online presence and generate new patient referrals to offset the cost. They received a program that allowed them

Over a 900% increase in online patient reviews in only 2 months

Gaspar DPT had 6 online reviews when they started the PLUSdoc program and within 2 months had over 52, 5-star reviews.  In addition, patients reviewed over 75% of the doctors from all 6 locations.


Massive Amounts of Online Reviews

Prior to using PLUSdoc, Gaspar DPT had accumulated 8 online reviews in 15 years.  Using the PLUSdoc system allowed them to increase their online reviews and reading content by 1300%. That’s over 100, 5-star reviews of additional content added to the web for potential patients to find and read.

“PLUSdoc was the center of our online marketing campaign and created the buzz that we needed”, says Dr. Gaspar 

Gaspar DPT Gets 99 Consecutive 5-Star Reviews

Quality and unique marketing material for physicians 

Gaspar DPT was having trouble with marketing stagnation.  They lacked new and relevant marking ideas to continue to build relationships with their referring physicians. Using the PLUSdoc system allowed them to add fresh marketing material to flyers, reports and emails to help send the message to referring doctors that Gaspar DPT was the best practice in town. They let the patients do the talking.

Marketing Material for Referring Physicians Made Easy


Gaspar DPT gets found with 1st page Google listing

Getting massive amounts of online reviews is an important step.  However, it's not enough to just create content.  Patients must also find the content and this is where PLUSdoc's SEO tool comes into play. Gaspar DPT was able to add an additional listing to the first page of Google searches increasing the likelihood that patients would click and find their practice.

Gaspar DPT Gets 1st Page Google Listing

New Patient Lead for Gaspar DPT

The final step to creating great content, getting it found and read is getting the patients to make appointments. The new patient referrals from PLUSdoc are able to offset the marketing costs for the program and improve the practices bottom line. 

Real Example of a New Patient Referral:

“I just had a torn acl and want to go to the best therapy near carlsbad or encinitas? Which is the best place and doctor you recommend to me?"

Practice: Doctors of Physical Therapy


What would Dr. Paul Gaspar say to others considering PLUSdoc?

“PLUSdoc is one of the most effective marketing ideas we have used to drive new patients into our clinic.”

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