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Chiropractor uses PLUSdoc to add Google listing and outrank other doctor review websites

  • First page Google listing 

  • Outranks Yelp and Healthgrades

  • 1800% increase in online reviews

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Dr. Raymond Hall, DC has been a successful Chiropractor for over 20 years. He had a well-planned website but did not have a strategy for managing his online reviews. He was familiar with Yelp but felt he was still lacking local leadership in this area. It was important to Dr. Hall that his patient reviews were meaningful to people.

“I needed my patient reviews to be from real patients and wanted to make sure that other people could easily find my reviews online”, says Dr. Hall

Dr. Hall felt patients should be able to read his reviews so that they could get a good sense about his practice and abilities. The trouble was, patients were not writing a lot of reviews.

Dr. Hall also knew it was important to have his patient reviews show up on major search engines like Google and to be as high up on the page as possible. 

How PLUSdoc helped

Putting patient reviews directly on his website through the PLUSdoc badge made it easy for patients to read and write reviews.

Dr. Hall raves about PLUSdoc:

“PLUSdoc is the perfect 3rd party system that creates justifiable, reliable information that both patients and doctors can trust”.

When he compares PLUSdoc to his previous experience with Yelp he says,

“PLUSdoc is better than Yelp or any similar review website. Yelp is too general and has no usable features”. 

Regarding Dr. Hall's experience with patients finding his office through PLUSdoc he states, 

“With PLUSdoc patients are able to find you.  They have the perfect system to weed out any bad reviews and they eliminate fake reviews. Every testimonial is worth money and adds legitimacy to your practice." 


PLUSdoc Results

Prior to using PLUSdoc, Dr. Hall's patients had written 1 review despite him being in business for many years in the same town.  After using PLUSdoc his online reviews skyrocketed up a whopping 1800%.

After only 18 patient reviews in a few months, PLUSdoc was able to get Dr Hall's patient reviews a first page Google listing and outrank 2 other well-known doctor review websites.


What would Dr. Hall say to others considering PLUSdoc?

“PLUSdoc is innovative and cutting edge in this informational era and exactly what patients need to see in order to make an informed decision before seeing a doctor.”

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