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Physican Reputation Management

What if you could capture negative patient reviews BEFORE they became embedded on the web?

Dr. Talia Emery of Remedy Skin & Body learned how important protecting her practice from negative online content could be.

“Getting patients their best possible outcome is always my highest priority”, states Dr. Emery

Like Dr. Emery, most doctors work extremely hard to earn their patients' trust and do everything possible to help.  They know there are going to be a few patients who just don't agree with the treament.

aving PLUSdoc in place to capture negative comments and handle them internally before they get to the public was critical for Dr. Emery and her practice.

Negative Review Captured by PLUSdoc BEFORE going Public

Dear Dr. Emery: After meeting with you, I was in your office in late July for Ultherapy on my forehead, I didn't have great expectations, just wanted to raise my eyelids off of my eyelashes, and you said that Ultherapy would be a good choice. I did the treatment, and for how badly it hurt, and the expense, I would have been happy had my expectations been met. Here We are 5 1/2 months later, and I honestly see no difference. Doreen did my treatment. I wonder if you have many customers that require a "do over"? Doreen indicated that second sessions weren't needed. I am really disappointed, I feel my money was ill spent and I endured the pain for no results. My eyelids STILL sit on my eyelashes, especially my left eye. Please see my file pictures. Not a single person, NOT ONE, has noticed a change in my appearance, and I have to say, even using my imagination, neither have I. Can we please meet to talk about my options. Many thanks!

Practice: Remedy Skin + Body

These comments were sent directly to Dr. Emery and her staff allowing them to contact the patient and address and remedy her dissatisfaction. 

What would Dr. Emery say to anyone considering PLUSdoc? 

"PLUSdoc saved me from having a permanent negative review online and helped me protect my practice." 

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